Buy Honey Bees

Buy happy honey bees for your Beehive 

Are you looking to purchase a starter colony of happy and healthy honey bees for your new beehive or Flow Hive? 

Each of our established Nucs (starter colony) has a new season queen, frames fully covered in bees, and an ideal balance of brood, pollen and honey.

Two Busy Bees Honey Nucs are: very well established, from a large permanent and settled apiary site with over 100 beehives, super strongly populated, disease-free, have a gentle temperament and a proven queen.

    Genetic strains include Italian Bees and Caucasian Bees

    Please note: This product is only available to purchase by Brisbane based customers and includes delivery, calm transfer and safe installation into your own beehive.

    Buy Happy Honey Bees