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Very happy new beekeeper

I purchased some of the "Happy Bees for Sale" and can confirm the both the bees and the buyer are delighted.
Deborah and John were really helpful, giving some great suggestions when they helped out this first-timer. My bees are flourishing and I'm looking forward to harvesting my first honey later this year.

Great taste

We've purchased the large tub a few times now - we go through it so quickly. We love the taste - definitely a lot better than the ones from the supermarkets.


This is totally my favourite. My biggest problem is I could eat it straight from the jar and I am guilty of doing that at times.


I had never eaten honey like this before but I certainly will be buying it again. It is so Yummy and the service is exceptional.

Pure Honey

My wife and I love this honey compared to the supermarket brands and it taste like honey used to taste like. Great in our morning lemon and ginger hot drink.


I usually have Manuka honey for it’s Medicinal qualities!!
Love your honey and have to refrain from eating spoonsful from the bucket!!!!

Delicious (as always)

This honey is our family favourite. Can’t go back to supermarket brand stuff now as two busy bees stuff just tastes too good.

My new favourite sauce

I found the Two Busy Bees stall at a market a little while ago and decided to give this sauce a go on a whim. It was surprisingly great. I marinated some chicken with it, deliciousness resulted. I used it as a topping sauce on my pie, amazing. My only regret is that i didn't buy more.You can tell that there are only very good quality ingredients used. I love that it is made the next suburb over from where i live. I will see you at the next market stall and I will try the other sauces you make!

Great gift

Bought this as part of my mum's Mother's day gift. Arrived promptly, pretty sure she'll love it. She loves ginger, & honey. As all my other items have been delicious, can't see this being different. She may have to fight Dad for it, & if I'm lucky, I might get to try it....

So good...

I love craned honey. This stuff is the bomb! Light& creamy, delicious. It's a Hit in our house. I'd much rather buy local as well, to support Aussie producers, & our bees, so this ticks all the boxes. We will buy it again. 🤗


Absolutely love this honey with berries! Would definitely buy again


Love the creamed honey! So, when I saw the one with red berries, I decided to get some more. Omg, it's delicious!!! I don't want to miss out next time, so maybe you should only buy 1 jar? So we can all have it? 🙃 Go on, get 1... they're lovely!!

Absolutely love the creamed honey look forward to the ginger honey


I'm not a honey expert, but tastes great

Pure Honey - Large Tub
Bradley Mavin
Love this Honey!!

I love the taste of this honey. My girlfriend first bought it for me, then she bought the second tub. I got in first and bought the third :) so the score is 2:1 let's see if I can even the score.

Awesomeness at it awesomest.

John and Deborah were very professional and knowledgeable. Arrived on time. The bees are happy as promised, I can comfortably and safely approach and stand beside the hive without them caring I am there. An all round great service, money very well spent. Thank you both for an excellent morning.

Honey from Busy Bees. is yummy and am enjoying it very much . Though would like to try there Peanut Buter😊😊❤️

Yummy in our tummy

We love the limited edition honey bbq sauce. It is the best bbq sauce we have tasted. (Hopefully it will be available again!!)

Thank you

Deborah and John were extremely helpful and patient. Transferring the nucleus was quick and easy. Thank you so much, I look forward to my next colony. 😄

Honey infused with Ginger
Diana Aleknavitsjute
The Best Honey Out There!

I have never tried anything similar and oh wow, it was amazing. Those ginger bits were to die for. Totally addicted!

Pure Honey Jar
Diana Aleknavitsjute
Absolutely delicious

This honey has incredible flavour and texture, we love every single spoonful. It is very delicious and highly nutritious.

Perfect blend

Perfect blend of tangy, sweet and spicy. I love the little bit of heat that surprises you with this sauce but was worried my kids would think it was too hot - but my 12 and 3 year old had a huge serving of it with their dinner last night and loved it! My 3 year old was eating it plain off the fork. Absolutely delicious. My new favourite right alongside your sticky honey soy sauce . So glad I bought so many bottles but please make this a regular product!

Nucleus purchase - amazing install and tutorial

Two busy bees with Deborah and John have been an amazing help for me to get into the world of bees. Responsive and experienced, they delivered everything they said plus more!

An absolute pleasure to deal with and feel so much more comfortable knowing that they are there for me.

Pure honey and Lemon Myrtle Soap

Love this soap. Great for sensitive skin; especially redheads and blondes who are inclined to have more sensitive skin than our darker hair cousins.

Peanut Butter

I love using this peanut butter for my pet treats as there are no added ingredients, including no salt, making it perfect for dogs. I love that its completely made here in Brisbane and that the nuts used are also grown locally. Review Medals Gold Transparent Shop medal Bronze Authentic Shop medal Bronze Monthly Record Shop medal