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Best marinade

Love the marinade, used it for pork ribs-divine.

Can't wait for my honey. 😋

My bees I purchased are going great 👍 I would like to thank Deborah and her team for starting us off.

Honey infused with Ginger
Bartolina Natoli
I enjoy the taste if ginger honey in my tea great flavour

Thank you deborah


Incredible, best ever dressing


Wow so very yummy. Oh & did I say yummy! Thank you

So yummy

A beautiful blend, very yummy. Thank you heaps.


Great products, excellent service. I will buy again. Thank you

Ginger Honey, now that's a good idea

Deliciously received by my mother overseas who is anxiously waiting for another jar for Christmas.
A must for any Ginger and Honey Lover!!

Gingerbread Peanut Butter
Paula van Dieden
Sad spoon

Trying to ration myself now...Love it! Could eat it all day long, a fantastic buy

Honey and peanut butter

Both so delicious!

I also love the way the honey is packaged in that bottle as you don't have to worry about any honey drips!

Creamed Honey
Michael Pigram
"The Bee's Knees"

The standard of this creamed honey is always consistent and that is why I keep backing up with an order.

My supply keeps running out.


Love the flavour of the honey plus I noticed that it is a little denser than the honeys in our area.

It also arrived very promptly and well packed.

Thank you for your very prompt service

Excellent product

The Dijon Honey I purchased goes with just about anything.I like to know that it is Queensland made with everything from here.I rate it 9out of 10

Great start to beekeeping

My nucleus has now been in for about six months and the bees have grown their numbers to fill the brood box and now the super. Hoping to have my first honey around Christmas - delighted with the strength of the nucleus I bought and the help in getting me started.

Love love ginger infused honey


The creamed honey was both a mixture of pure bliss from the smoothness of the honey and the little bit of tartness from the berries, will definitely buy this again. Keep up the good work little bees. xxxx

Pure heaven

This product is a pure heaven treat yourself to a delicious and exciting taste

Pure Honey Jar
Aimee Gauna
Honey Jar

Absolutely delicious! What more can I say? 😉

Divine and irresistable

I absolutely adore the creamed honey and have been buying it for a few years now. It is divine, so full of flavour and depth. The addtition of pieces of ginger was too much for me to resist! I love ginger and the combination with the honey is delightful. Sometimes the ginger sinks to the bottom a little, which means you get most of it towards the end of the jar, but I don't mind that as the creamed honey is so delicious in the meantime. Highly recommended.

Very Sweet

Ginger infused is lovely!
Thank you

Zingy delicious peanut butter!

Oh gosh, this is fantastic stuff! I can use it in my satay or pop it on my toast. Beautiful flavors, not overpowering. Just right & I'll have to keep an eye out for it next time!

Creamed Honey
Pauline Tamkin

This was indeed the best creamed honey I have ever had will be buying more and have told family and friends about it.

Delicious Honey ... and lots of it

Great value. Tasty local honey. Delivered quickly. Love the Two Busy Bees team. Thanks!

Yummy Treat for Christmas

This is a great seasonal treat. It is great on toast or mixed in with some vanilla ice cream.

A festive favourite

I ordered one to try last year. I ordered 3 this year - some for gifting, some for me. This is delicious and I will continue to order every year. It has earned it's place as an annual tradition. Review Medals Silver Transparent Shop medal Silver Monthly Record Shop medal Bronze Authentic Shop medal