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Love this honey

Fantastic honey use it in my cooking Absolutely love the dispenser honey comes out easy very happy can't wait to buy more when the shop open

A surprise

So happy to be able to do the monthly subscription not only for Two busy bees honey side that they have my support.

But the surprise is always great

Definitely encourage anyone to become a monthly subscriber

Like a birthday present every month

The mystery honey subscription is such a fun idea. I look forward to being surprised each month with a treat, and it means I will always have a jar of something special and delicious on hand or not far away. Can't wait to see what limited edition products turn up on my doorstep!!

Honey BBQ Bottle, Dijon Honey Bottle and Sticky Honey Bottle - Bundle
Mickey Harrison

We absolutely loved the 3 marinades/sauces. So easy to use & nothing needs to be added.
Hubby is enjoying the creamed honey as well so I’m sure we’ll be reordering when these are finished.
Thanks for great Aussie products.

Creamed Honey Jar
Guillaume Marchand
Best Creamed Honey

Absolutely divine!

Best Birthday Gift

My partner surprised me with this experience as a birthday gift and it was so amazing! We had a fantastic morning learning all about the bees themselves and the inner workings of bee-keeping. It was such a unique experience to be so hands on with the hives and so close to the bees without fear of being stung. The take home treats really ignited my commitment to buy from local keepers rather than grocery stores too. Overall was just a really cool experience and I highly recommend for any bee lovers out there.

So very delicate

Very pretty haven't used them as yet but looking forwards to


My dad and I did this tour with Deborah and it was an amazing experience. Deborah showcased her passion in this hands on tour, where you get right up close to the inner workings of a hive, experience the life of a beekeeper and take home some honey treats! Being immersed amongst the bees really is quite the experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much Deborah!

Creamed Honey Jar & Beeswax Candle ~ Limited Edition
Michelle Endersby
The perfect gift for a honey lover

An adorable beeswax candle in the shape of a beehive with three bees on the outside and a small jar of delicious creamed honey, will put a smile on the face of any honey lover, and who isn't a honey lover?
Treat yourself or someone you love today!

The most adorable candles ever

I was so delighted with these beautiful beeswax candles in the shape of a beehive with three bees climbing up the outside.
They smell divine and are almost too good to light! These will make the perfect gift for so many occasions, and could be used as a birthday candle on your favourite honey cake.

My honey was and is absolutely delicious. I literally use it on everything ❤️❤️

Pure Honey Jar and Beeswax Candle ~ Limited Edition
Rosemary Baxter

As usual, superb taste and value as attached to all products I have tried-and reordered!
The candle also is special as the cotton wick is much healthier-to say of breathing in ‘sunshine’
Thank you, Deborah

Love this honey

We purchased to try the honey and were not disappointed

Beautiful not too sweet very nice.

Great packaging and speed of delivery

We also were looking for a place to buy bulk honey

Honey BBQ Bottle, Dijon Honey Bottle and Sticky Honey Bottle - Bundle
Beverley Holmes

Love these sauces we use them to marinade and in other cooking.

Have bought these twice and don't regret the purchase

Creamed Honey Jar & Beeswax Candle ~ Limited Edition
Rosemary Baxter
Honey and candle

The bees must have found more wonderfully tasting flowers as this taste is superb. The candle with a cotton wick is so good both in fragrance and the lack of black fumes. Both are a joy. Thank you Deborah, once more

Creamed Ginger Honey

Loved the refreshing taste of the Ginger honey, it was truely delightful, specially on Hot Crumpets


My husband and I had such a great time with Deborah learning all about these amazing creatures. Deborah is so kind and knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions. Eating honey straight from the comb was so delicious and thank you for the goodies. We highly recommend this tour and are grateful to Deborah for sharing her passion with us 💗

Ginger honey

I ate a teaspoon of the ginger honey straight from the jar, so as to experience the direct flavour. The infused combination of honey and ginger is a definite taste, yet still not taking the taste from each other. Without the chunks of ginger, confirms to me that it's equally distributed. Well done and thank you.

Honey mustard

This has been a favourite of mine for some time now. So beneficial health wise and does not deteriorate over time. If anything the flavour intensifies and can be used in a multitude of ways


The thought of the tang of pineapple and the sweetness of honey is something never experienced before. No wonder it’s so sought after and leaves one wanting more! Superb


Honey Soy-the best of both worlds especially the way the taste explodes in ones mouth. Well done, once again, Deborah

I honestly think that the pineapple And honey need to be infused alot longer the honey it's self is good very floral and nice tasting but the flavour needs to be infused more other than that it's definatley a 9/10

Honey mustard

Deliciously tangy. Suitable to add the ‘extra’ in many dishes to add something special and nutritious and is 100% Australian

Honey mustard dressing

Had it with Chicken rissoles and it was beautiful. Could taste the honey. Will be vac sealing some chicken breast with the dressing. Should be yum when grilled.