Happy World Chocolate Day!

July 07, 2018

Happy World Chocolate Day!

Now here's a day that's worth celebrating 'World Chocolate Day' (7th July) and I did indeed start my day with a delicious helping of Nutty Honey on fresh homemade bread.

Honey chocolate nut butter on Two Busy Bees Honey

For those of you that are yet to sample our yummy nutty honey and don't know what it is? It's handcrafted from three simple ingredients! Delicious honey chocolate nut butter ('Nutty Honey') with Two Busy Bees cold filtered natural raw honey, dry roasted Australian cashew nut paste, fair trade single source bean to bar 90% cocoa chocolate. No sugar, no preservatives, no additives, no added colour, just a delicious spread full of healthy nut protein and natural sweetness!

Available to purchase in Queensland, Australia from select stockists and gourmet grocers.

Available online at: Two Busy Bees Honey, Farmhouse Direct and MegaFresh - Farmers Market

Please note and our apologies: Due to Australian quarantine restrictions 'Two Busy Bees' are unable to post our delicious honey products to TAS, WA and internationally.

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