~"Calling all stores who love yummy honey!"~

May 03, 2018

~"Calling all stores who love yummy honey!"~

~"Calling all stores who love yummy raw honey!"~ :: Are you on the lookout for delicious natural food products that retail well in your bricks and mortar or online store? Two Busy Bees - Raw Honey gourmet glass range includes:

Pure raw honey

Honey chocolate nut butter - 'Nutty Honey'

Creamed raw honey

Honeycomb in pure raw honey

Honey soy chilli dressing - 'Sticky Honey'

With small wholesale minimum order amounts and free delivery in the Brisbane area and low cost courier to other states in Australia.

Message me for more information and to receive a yummy sample!

Two Busy Bees Honey gourmet glass jar range

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