About Us

We are a father and daughter team of organic minded apiculturists and specialty food makers. Creating artisan cold filtered with only the most natural of Queensland grown ingredients. 

As a family we come from a long line of makers, creators and good food eaters.  

Our beehives are settled and based in sunny sub tropical Geebung in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

It all began back in 2016 with just three hives and has grown quickly from there and we now have nearly 50 hives.  

As a two person team our roles within Two Busy Bees Honey are extremely varied but we both have definite strengths and teamwork and an eye towards the future of our food business. 

As bee keepers and food producers we practice natural beekeeping and cultivate a polyfloral honey, introducing people to the divine taste of a honey produced by bees with varied and multiple pollen and nectar sources.

Multi - Floral Pure Honey

We are lucky to enjoy copious amounts of glorious sunshine during the year and harvest our liquid sunshine honey especially for you so that you too can have 'a little sunshine in your day!' 

Surrounding the Apiary is large established Australian native trees, beautiful wildflowers and lovely garden flowers and the bees work all this to produce a wonderfully unique many flowered honey with a real depth of flavour. We care and look after our beehives, collect the honey, spin it off, cold filter it and package it straight away. Delicious, raw, unheated, untreated and unprocessed. Just as honey should be and bottled fresh from the bee hives! 'Two Busy Bees' raw honey contains Australian sunshine, all the natural pollens, raw goodness and nectar as nature intended.

The largest settled Bee Farm in suburban Brisbane

We truly appreciate every customer purchase in our store and your support of our honey business means that we can continue to care for the bees who choose to stay in our Apiary. Our industry is dependent on profit balanced with sustainability. Every jar of Two Busy Bees Honey products contribute to saving Australian honey bees.

Beekeeping sourced with care - honey products, made with love for a little sunshine in your day. From our family to yours.


Company Information

Two Busy Bees Honey ABN 71809017268

Customer Service Contact

Email: deborahbatchelor@me.com
Telephone: 0405 685 750
Two Busy Bees Apiary Location: Geebung, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia