What is 'Nutty Honey'?

November 01, 2017

Two Busy Bees - Nutty Honey

'Nutty Honey' is an original deliciously divine natural spread from 'Two Busy Bees' also known as Honey Chocolate Nut Butter (but that doesn't fit on the label).

I was inspired to create an original healthy versatile spread, using our own unique multi - floral cold extraction process harvested honey as a starting point. To take advantage of the abundance of the delicious raw honey that we had harvested from our own beehives. I combined our unique tasting raw honey with the addition of two nutritionally powerful natural ingredients, cashew nuts and high cocoa content fair trade chocolate and created our deliciously unique ‘Nutty Honey’.

Two Busy Bees - Honey Chocolate Nut Butter    

Generally cashew nut butter is extremely expensive and not readily available at a price point that everyone can afford. We are able to keep our production costs considerably lower when creating our product because we make use of small smashed pieces of high quality organic cashew nut that are usually rejected for retail. Making our delicious ‘Nutty Honey’ inclusive, accessible, available and affordable healthy indulgence to all.

Everyone should be able to enjoy REAL simple food!

Two Busy Bees - Honey Chocolate Nut Butter with sunflowers

The cashew nut pieces are browned to perfection in our unique honey roasting method, then blended in a nut mill to bring out their natural oils. Honey is a magical product straight from nature and as such, is a natural preserver so no nasties ever need to be added! We don't put in anything artificial, leaving you with delicious, minimally processed and ethically sourced unique and original hand crafted honey nut butter. And with the addition of fair trade high cocoa content chocolate, it’s a real treat for your tastebuds!

'Nutty Honey' is available online, from select stockists and local farmers market.

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