Two Busy Bees Special Event :: Red Hill Fair Roundup {Not the event we were expecting!}

August 09, 2018

Two Busy Bees Special Event :: Red Hill Fair Roundup {Not the event we were expecting!}

Red Hill Fair Roundup

Saturday 28th July 2018 - Woolcock Park - Hawthorne Terrace - Red Hill - Brisbane - QLD - Australia

This was a new event for us and we were excited (and hopefully optimistic) to try something new and had packed the car to the roof with an array of Two Busy Bees Honey gourmet honey treats. The Fair is an iconic community event for Red Hill, Paddington, Ashgrove and surrounds, well established for over thirty years and attracting over 8,000 people each event.

It was a smooth, quick and easy bump in / bump out, with our allocated marquee space marked on grass and designated car parking for fair exhibitors. Lots of people on the ground organising things to run smoothly.

Great neighbours with fantastic products ranging from beautiful little girls dresses, wonderful cake decorations and fragrant bath bombs from Kooki U

The entertainment was really enjoyable with performances from local school bands, dance schools, performers, jazz trio and DJs.

Delicious sweets, preserves and cakes, all donated and lovingly handmade by parents of kids at the Red Hill kindy.

Two Busy Bees Honey | Twosome | Creamed honey and Honey Chocolate Cashew Nut Butter  Two Busy Bees Honey | Pure Beeswax Candles

There was a big crowd for the Red Hill Fair full of families and kids enjoying the rides that they had pre-purchased wrist bands for. 

But unfortunately that's all the crowd were there for!

I really love doing fairs / farmers markets and get a big kick out of talking to customers. It's exhausting and enjoyable after an early start and a big day. It seemed that this crowd had zero interest in delicious gourmet honey products and pure beeswax candles. Us market folk we like to chat to each other and getting to know your neighbours is a bonus for when it's quiet or you need to pop away for a moment. It seemed that myself and immediate neighbours, were all in the same position with the crowd not paying much attention to the stall holders and the beautiful products available.

A contributing fact to how quiet we were (not even making enough to cover our stall fee) could have been due to the fair organisers deciding at the last minute to put in another honey seller. This is something that I specifically ask before booking an event as it's not fair to either of us honey producers to compete with each other. I wasn't thrilled to realise this after going for a walk mid morning and seeing Hive & Harvest (who I think do wonderful things for urban beekeeping) but after a conversation with the organisers this matter was resolved fairly for Two Busy Bees Honey.

I'm sure that the event was a great fund raising success but Two Busy Bees Honey won't be back at the Red Hill Fair again.



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