Celebrating two years in business for Two Busy Bees Honey

August 29, 2018

Celebrating two years in business for Two  Busy Bees Honey

Happy 2nd Bee-Day to Two Busy Bees Honey!

What a great couple of years it's been for Two Busy Bees Honey. We have marked our second year in business by taking some time to have a think back on all the exciting things that happened for us this year: 

  • We have marked our second year in business by celebrating with free honey lollipops and thanks for everyone who made two weeks ago at the farmers market our busiest one ever!
  • Up in the dark in all weather every Sunday morning for our weekly farmers market at the Nundah Farmers Market. We really appreciate our loyal customer base who stop by for a chat and new customers who purchase from us
  • Big new events for us with the bi-annual Green Heart Fair
  • Applied (unsuccessfully) for the Chobani Food Incubator Program 2018 but are not disheartened by this outcome and are trying again for the 2019 program when it opens in October
  • A big thank you to all the Farmhouse Direct customers who have taken the time to brows online and purchase gourmet raw honey products from our profile
  • This year we added exciting new gourmet honey dressings to our range - Dijon Honey Mustard Dressing and Harissa Honey Hot Sauce 
  • Excited to now be working together with gourmet food distributor - Total Gourmet

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