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Pure Honey - Large Tub

$35.00 AUD

Pure Honey - Large Tub 

Great value of nearly 2kg (1.86kg) of pure raw multi-floral honey straight from the beehive to you in a large tub, so you can enjoy a spoon full of pure sunshine every day. Great value for everyone who just loves the delicious taste of pure honey and uses a lot of honey in cooking, tea, toast and snacks!

‘Two Busy Bees Honey’ are lucky enough to have our beehives located in a unique pocket of rural farmland right in the heart of suburbia. This mixture of seasonal wild flowers, native Australian trees and cultivated garden flowers creates the most wonderful tasting honey that is both delicate and deep with delicious flavours.

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    Customer Reviews

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    A natural honey which besides all of its health benefits. It has multiple applications, such straight out on Toast/Fresh Bread/Crumpet or Cereal. Alternatively in a Marinade/Salad Dressing.

    Matthew Anderson

    I have tried your fresh honey in the tub and that is very nice as well it was very nice buying the honey from you thank you

    Stacey Rolfe
    Great taste

    We've purchased the large tub a few times now - we go through it so quickly. We love the taste - definitely a lot better than the ones from the supermarkets.

    Tony Said
    Pure Honey

    My wife and I love this honey compared to the supermarket brands and it taste like honey used to taste like. Great in our morning lemon and ginger hot drink.

    Pamela Jansz

    I usually have Manuka honey for it’s Medicinal qualities!!
    Love your honey and have to refrain from eating spoonsful from the bucket!!!!

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