Pineapple Honey Recipes

Honey infused with pineapple - One jar of pure honey infused with pineapple. Hand crafted with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or added colours. Each jar has generous pieces of pineapple topped up with our unique multi-floral honey. The delicious sweetness of pineapple infuses into the honey. Once you have consumed the honey you have a sweet pineapple treat in the bottom to enjoy!

The sweet pineapples bask in the golden sunshine in Southern Queensland and are only ever harvested when they are perfectly ripe and bursting with juicy Queensland deliciousness. They’re then peeled and thinly sliced before being air dried and then straight into a jar of honey! Sourced directly from the pineapple farmer with absolutely no preservatives, chemicals, sugar or oil added.

Lots delicious pineapple and honey recipes for you to try!

pineapple-upside-down-cake-two-busy-bees-honey  spicy-jerk-chicken-and-pickled-pineapple-tacos-two-busy-bees-honey  passionfruit-tart-with-rum-pineapple  pineapple-and-chipotle-pulled-pork-sliders-two-busy-bees-honey