Buy honey bees from well established Bee Farm :: Geebung, Brisbane

November 24, 2022

Buy honey bees from well established Bee Farm :: Geebung, Brisbane

Do you need to purchase some honey bees?

A warm hello from the bees and a father and daughter beekeeping team. Working together (full time) on one of the largest settled Bee Farms in suburban Brisbane, QLD, Australia (run by the smallest team).

We care and look after our eighty beehives at our long established Apiary (Bee Farm) in Geebung, Brisbane, QLD.

Surrounding the Apiary is large established Australian native trees, beautiful wildflowers and lovely garden flowers and the bees work all this becoming happy and productive. Would you like to purchase a starter colony (Nuc) of happy and healthy bees for your new beehive from our Apiary? We are happy to pass the bees into your care and give you the help you need so that you too can start on the exciting journey that is Beekeeping. We have the collective bee knowledge to help you with setting up a Flow Hive or the traditional Langstroth hive.

Starting with a Nuc from Two Busy Bees Honey is the best way to begin your beekeeping journey. Our Nucs / Starter Hives are very well established, from a large permanent and settled apiary site with over 80 beehives, super strongly populated, disease-free, have a gentle temperament and a proven queen.

Our Nucs include (four or five frames in total): 

🐝 Four or five frames of bees strongly populated with eggs, lavae, capped brood, uncapped brood and honey/pollen for the hive (Everything you need for a beehive)

🐝 Four or five full size Langstroth wooden frames (pure beeswax foundation we make ourselves) in a brand new secure white Ecrotek transporting Corflute Nuc/ transport box

🐝 5000 (approx) bees that will be ready very soon to be transferred into your own full size beehive box

🐝 One calm, healthy, strong Queen Bee of Italian, Caucasian or our special Hybrid genes

🐝 Step by step written instructions with everything you need to know to get stated with your new colony

🐝 Virtual support for any questions about keeping bees. Collection is from Geebung, Brisbane (Northside) on a Tuesday evening. Details are given once the order is placed.

Two Busy Bees Honey is a small family run business of a father and daughter team of organic minded beekeepers. So if you purchase your bees from us not only are you supporting (much appreciated) your local beekeeper so we can continue to do what we love. You are getting the best product, the best start to your beekeeping journey and making a big difference for your own garden and local environment.

If you have any questions please contact me (Deborah Batchelor) via the info below

Phone: 0405685750


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