It's our fifth birthday at Two Busy Bees Honey! Let's celebrate!

June 03, 2021

It's our fifth birthday at Two Busy Bees Honey! Let's celebrate!

It's our fifth birthday at Two Busy Bees Honey! Let's celebrate!

So thrilled to have made it to this business milestone. Last year was full of twists and turns and we had to keep adjusting very quickly. It was a challenge when there was no honey available due to the drought and bushfires. Luckily 'peanuts' came to the rescue and we started producing Peanut Butter. The bees kept working slowly and we were finally able to harvest early 2021!

2020 gave us a chance to slow down and really think deeply on what we needed to do keep moving forward while maintaining our core values. We made a list of what we thought our customers really loved about us and it really just came down to . . .

Family, friendship, fun and food. And just a little sunshine in your day!

We introduced some very special Bee Farm visits, opportunity to purchase bees from our established Apiary and bought back a crowd favourite! Bee Farm Tours - Buy Happy Honey Bees - Creamed Honey

We have some very special celebrations planned for this month that we would like to share with you

  • 5% off all products in our online store at checkout
  • Free jar of 'Sticky Honey' with every purchase over $50
  • Special $5 gift voucher discount code to use on your consecutive store visit 
As a business gift to myself and to celebrate five years, I asked a talented Sunshine Coast based artist (Ark Eleven) to produce some illustrations. I really love what Tammin came up with and think that it really encompasses Two Busy Bees Honey Keep a look out in the next few months for this design on fridge magnets, t-shirts, hats and our branding at events!

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