Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey is considered the creme de la creme of pure honey! 

Pure cold filtered raw creamed honey in a glass jar, all natural, handcrafted and small batch.  

A special reserve aged honey is set aside for at least a year to allow a unique deep flavour to develop naturally. Then we carefully combine this fragrant magical product with liquid honey and its whipped very slowly over a whole day and set over time naturally in the jar. This slow long process creates the most unique soft set honey product that is a delight for you to enjoy. A divinely delicious creamy and smooth pot set natural honey with a soft spreadable texture.

Just like wine and cheese the best things take time! But it's worth it to create a thick, smooth, creamy, spreadable honey with most buttery texture!  - Creamed HoneyCreamed Honey infused with Red Berries - Creamed Honey infused with Buderim GingerCreamed Honey infused with Pure Vanilla 

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