If you had said this to me a year ago . . .

June 29, 2017


If you had said to me last year, that next year you'll be a Bee Keeper, I would not have believed you!

Things were very different just over a year ago for me. I was working in my online homewares store which was never really the success I wished it to be. My Dad (who had an all consuming hobby of bee keeping going on) said to me "can you help me with the bees?"

To be honest, I was completely unenthusiastic with this idea. But he needed my help so I got (bee) suited up and off I went to the Apiary. And what an eye opener it was, I really had no idea of how fascinating it was going to be?! There are so many different aspects to Bee Keeping with collecting the honey being one small (delicious) part of the process.

After a short while we had accumulated a stock pile of our delicious raw honey and our very first venture into selling our honey commercially was at the Nundah Farmers Market. It was an very early morning start, freezing cold, we had no marquee (lucky it didn't rain) and one very small table with legs buckling under the weight of all the local raw honey we had! We had a lot of fun at that very first market and have continued to get up very early and venture down to the markets each Sunday. We've met some wonderful customers and we enjoy seeing them regularly for their Two Busy Bees raw honey fix! Here's an image from our first market with our original branding and containers.

Two Busy Bees Honey at the Farmers Market  Two Busy Bees Honey at the Famers Market

In the year since we started retailing our Two Busy Bees honey at farmers markets, we have created delicious new honey products and expanded our range. Our gourmet range of honey products now includes, raw honey creamed raw honey, honeycomb raw honey, honey soy chilli dressing, honey lollipops and honey chocolate nut butter.

Two Busy Bees Honey

We would like to say thank you to our lovely loyal customers and this Sunday (2nd July 2017) at the Nundah Farmers Market we will be handing out honey lollipops and small gift jars of Honey Chocolate Nut Butter with every purchase to celebrate our 1st year anniversary.

Two Busy Bees Birthday

This year we have worked hard together as a family, learnt so much and made some great steps forward for Two Busy Bees:

It's been a year of learning, creating, hard work, fun and a few bee stings! And I'm looking forward to what the (bee) future brings!

Two Busy Bees Honey at the Market  Two Busy Bees Honey at the Farmers Market


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