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Bee Farm Tour Experience | Geebung, Brisbane, QLD

April 04, 2021

Bee Farm Tour Experience | Geebung, Brisbane, QLD

Bee Farm Tour Experience in Brisbane

An immersive unique and fun close encounter with the most fascinating of natures small creatures, honey bees!

100,000 bees per hive. From site to site the number of hives varies but on average one site can have up to 100 hives. This means when we go out into the Apiary, we can be surrounded by more than 10 million bees. The first time you go out into the field and experience the sound and feeling of those bees around you is one you will never forget. Many have felt overwhelmed by the intensity of this experience but surrounded by the smell of honey, immersed in the greenness of your surroundings, sounds of the birds, the intense hum of the bees begins to fade, and you begin to have what is, dare I say almost a spiritual experience.


  • A close up fun and safe encounter with Bees
  • Learning about bees and all they do for the environment
  • Observe what a working honey farm looks like 
  • Find out the fascinating way bees turn pollen and nectar into honey 
  • Interact with bees in their natural environment 
  • Extract your own honey and take home some delicious goodies 

Whats Included

  • Instructions from professional beekeepers
  • Safety equipment with full PPE white beekeeper suits and gloves
  • The opportunity to extract honeycomb from a beehive 
  • Complimentary photos of your experience 
  • Two hour field session in a working bee farm
  • Harvesting your own honey or honeycomb to enjoy at home
  • A goodie bag full of Two Busy Bees Honey treats to take home


  • The ultimate fun bee farm tour experience and designed for someone with an interest and love for the bees! Bring a friend, partner or loved one and create a very special shared memory for the two of you.
  • We deliver this experience on our working honey farm and this is a true 'hands on' experience to share with you, everything about the bees, the process of being a beekeeper and how we produce some of our unique multi-floral honey products. 
  • This is an immersive experience so you will be suited up in a head to toe in one of our white protective triple layer ventilated beekeeping outfit. 
  • We'll venture out to our nearby Bee Farm, once we arrive at the Apiary we'll give you some advice on staying calm and what to expect with your close encounter. 
  • With the safety and guidance of a Master Beekeeper you'll be able to approach the hives, extract a frame of honeycomb and witness the breathtaking natural phenomenon that is honeybees hard at work.
  • Our Apiary is located in the heart of suburban Brisbane and is rich in biodiversity and our bees forage happily on the area’s flowering native flora such as the abundant and medicinal manuka (leptospermum scoparium), bright orange poicinana (delonix regia) and bloodwood gum (corymbia gummifera) 
  • The flavour of resulting honey is ever-changing with the strong seasonal variation, unlike monofloral varieties often found elsewhere. This results in a honey with a completely distinctive and unrepeatable flavour profile. 
  • We will share with you the workings of an operational productive hive, see the smoking process, open their beehive home and check out the busy bees doing their thing. 
  • We will show you the different stages of bee development and look out for the Queen Bee! 
  • You'll get a chance to taste fresh honeycomb that has come straight from the beehive! 
  • Once your experience is over we'll send you off tired and happy with all your bee related questions answered. And a goody bag full of Two Busy Bees Honey treats! 

Session Length and Location

  • Tour participants need to arrive at 7:15am (address details given on payment)
  • Please allow 2 hours in the morning for your special working bee farm tour experience 
  • Prompt departure to the Bee Farm at 7:15am from Geebung 4034, Brisbane, QLD 

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Small-Group Bee Farm Tour Experience in Brisbane

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