Our great selling new product - Peanut Butter!

September 13, 2020

Our great selling new product - Peanut Butter!

Our great selling new product - Peanut Butter! Natural, handcrafted, small batch and made with just two Queensland ingredients.

Earlier this year we realised that our usual honey production was unfortunately going to be drastically reduced. We had to quickly think of something that was going to keep out business going during COVID and the lockdown. We had already started production on a nut butter blended and decided to add just straight peanut butter! It's proved to be a really popular addition and we are so glad that everyone is loving it so much!

We purchase our special peanuts direct from Kingaroy, the peanut growing capital of Australia. Hi Oleic peanuts have a different oil chemistry to regular peanuts. Our peanut butter tastes really great – just like old-fashioned peanuts – but the oleic acid ratio more closely resembles that of olive oil, well known for its numerous health benefits.

This naturally bred characteristic makes Hi Oleic peanuts a healthier option and allows them to stay fresher for longer. The free fatty acid profile of Hi Oleic peanuts means they’re higher in monounsaturated or 'good' fats.

Our peanut butter is small batch, hand crafted, all natural, preservative free, sugar free, palm oil free, additive free and colour free. We roast our special Queensland grown peanuts, in a unique long and slow - dry cooking process until they are golden brown. Then the golden roasted peanuts are milled in a small old fashioned specialty peanut butter mill. We add a little solar dried pristine sea salt and that's it! 

Our original and unique nut butter blends are 'Peanut Butter Loves Honey!', and a new flavour of 'Peanut Butter Loves Honey with Banana!' soon to be launched. Packaged in a convenient and portable resealable pouch pack, perfect for portable protein pick-me-up!

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