Honey Soaps

September 11, 2020


Honey Soaps. Bee soothed. Bee calm. Bee clean. Two Busy Bees Honey cares for your body inside with delicious and healthy honey products and outside your body with natural cold processed honey soaps.

‘Love your skin’ and treat yourself to some skin luxury, after all you deserve only the best. Natural handcrafted soaps are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Above all, our soaps are handmade in Australia in a traditional way using old fashioned cold process soap making techniques. Most Importantly, they are made from all natural sustainable ingredients and in harmony with nature. 

Four divine scents ~ Pure Honey, Honey with  Lavender, Honey with Lemon Myrtle and Honey with Goat Milk      

Handmade cold processed soap does not strip your skin of its natural oils the way commercial soaps can and the bars are long lasting so great value. In handcrafted, homemade soap the moisturising glycerin remains in the soaps. Our handmade soap is truly 100% natural from start to finish. And palm oil free! You can feel the difference. When you use our soap, you are being gentle to yourself and nourishing your skin, not drying it out. The lather that our soap creates is extremely creamy and bubbly and will leave your skin smelling divine, feeling soft and supple to touch. Simple and natural, honey is known for it's softening and healing properties and shea butter for it's moisturising and restorative properties.

Treat yourself today and find out how good, natural handmade honey soap can be to your skin.


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