Subscription Box

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How would you feel, if each month a very special box would arrive on your doorstep just for you? Filled with beautiful products and delicious treats. A box of 'you time'! So much value ($50) for only $39.95 a month!

Take a moment to sit down . . . relax . . . and the anticipation of something really wonderful just for you. You slowly open your special box and as you lift the lid you breathe in the lovely scents of sweet honey, warm beeswax, aromatic spices and fragrant flowers. A feast for the senses and each month so many things unique and wonderful.

Please note: I hope that you will look forward each month to the treat that is your honey box but if you find it's not for you then you have the option to cancel. But please be aware there is an initial three month subscription contract (three special boxes just for you).