Pure Beeswax Bars - Set of Three

$14.95 AUD

Pure Beeswax Bars - Pure Refined and 100% Natural Beeswax - Cosmetic Grade - Set of Three. Premium quality hand poured pure beeswax. The listed price is for three 28g (1 oz) bars of pure ‘Two Busy Bees Honey’ beeswax. 

These beautiful Beeswax Bars are handcrafted from fresh honeycomb, after our delicious raw honey has been cold pressed and removed from the comb. The resulting beeswax has a beautiful natural colour and a wonderful light honey aroma.

It is naturally filtered through fine muslin to remove any hive impurities up to six times, ready to impart wonderful properties to your homemade products. Colour variations found in pollen results in the yellow colour of these beeswax bars varying throughout the year.

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