Pure Honey Jar and Beeswax Candle ~ Limited Edition

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Pure honey jar and a beeswax candle

Pure Honey Jar and Beeswax Candle, a delicious natural flavourful product as close to what nature intended as possible. Multi - floral style of raw honey, a divine tasting honey produced by bees with varied and multiple pollen sources.

Our beeswax is coloured naturally by pollen and fragranced by honey and flower nectar. It has a higher melt point than other waxes which results in a brighter flame (that doesn't smoke) and warm amber glow. Our bright yellow handcrafted beeswax candles have a warm honey aroma when burning and produces negative ions that actually clean the air a create a real sense of well being and contentment. The wick is made from rolled cotton, especially designed to burn steady and slow for traditional beeswax candles. Long burning (20 hours), non toxic for pets, natural, calming and cleansing.

  • One jar of pure honey - 8cm by 8cm (net wight 255g)
  • Beehive pure beeswax candle with cotton wick - 6.5cm and 20 hours burn time

Pure Honey & Beeswax Candle

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Customer Reviews

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Rosemary Baxter

As usual, superb taste and value as attached to all products I have tried-and reordered!
The candle also is special as the cotton wick is much healthier-to say of breathing in ‘sunshine’
Thank you, Deborah

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