Overnight Oats - Two Servings Size

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Overnight Oats - Two Servings Size
Overnight Oats - Two Servings Size

Overnight Oats - Two Servings Size

All you need for a delicious and comforting breakfast is 1/2 cup of 'Overnight Oats', 3/4 cup of liquid (choose from almond milk, oat milk, hemp milk, coconut milk or cows milk) and a good pinch of salt. Mix it all together into jar with a lid and pop it into the fridge the night before.

In the morning, add a sweetener of a spoonful of Peanut Butter or Honey and a topping of yoghurt or fruit.

A delicious quick breakfast that helps your body utilise nutrients much more efficiently and improves gut health for overall well being. Easy to make, contains healthy carbohydrates, plant protein, economical, delicious, keeps you full for longer, versatile, naturally sweet and easy to digest.

This Overnight Oats box contains (Two servings - Two Half Cups):

  • One 10cm by 20cm resealable lined kraft brown paper bag of Overnight Oats - Traditional organic rolled oats, tri-colour quinoa and golden roasted cashew nut pieces.
  • A small food gift - just for you to enjoy!

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Overnight Oats - Two Servings Size
Overnight Oats - Two Servings Size

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