Honey + Ginger Honey + Honeycomb + Honey Soap

$37.95 AUD

Our best selling products in a delicious Honey Bundle for you! Three delicious honey jars and a lovely honey soap, packaged and presented in a gift box.

Pure Honey :: Just our unique multi-floral honey from our happy and healthy settled bees.

Ginger Honey :: Pure honey infused with real ginger pieces from Buderim Ginger. Beautifully rich with a great depth of flavour.

Honeycomb in Pure Honey :: Freshly cut honeycomb straight from the beehive and drizzled with pure honey.

Honey Soap :: Traditional fine cold processed honey soap. Simple and natural, honey is known for it's softening and healing properties and shea butter for it's moisturising and restorative properties.

This special honey box contains three jars and a honey soap:

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