Happy Bees for Sale (includes delivery, installation and tutorial)

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Are you looking to purchase a starter colony of happy and healthy honey bees for your new beehive? Need to buy bees for your Flow Hive?

Each of our established Nucs (starter colony) has a new season queen, frames fully covered in bees (European Honey Bees), and an ideal balance of brood, pollen and honey.

Our Nucs are: well established, from a permanent and settled apiary site, strongly populated, disease-free, have a gentle temperament and a proven queen.

This Starter Colony listing includes:

  • Five wooden frame starter colony including Queen Bee, bees and established brood, honey and pollen
  • Delivery and installation of your Nuc by us into your own beehive to ensure calm transfer and safe installation
  • One hour of valuable hands-on beekeeping knowledge from a Master Beekeeper to set you on your exciting journey of keeping bees

Genetic strains include European Honey Bees ~ Italian and Caucasian 

Please note: This product is only available to purchase by Brisbane based customers and includes delivery, calm transfer and safe installation into your own beehive. In the highly unlikely event that the strong colony of bees you have purchased do not survive, we offer a six month guarantee.