Creamed honey and pure honey - Two Jars

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Pure raw honey and creamed raw honey - Two gourmet glass jar set 

Pure cold filtered raw creamed honey, handcrafted and created with two styles of delicious natural honey. Containing barrel aged crystallised raw honey and liquid raw honey, whipped very slowly and pot set. Slow food at its best! For you to enjoy a divine creamy set natural honey.

‘Two Busy Bees Honey’ are lucky enough to have our beehives located in a unique pocket of rural farmland right in the heart of suburbia. This mixture of seasonal wild flowers, native Australian trees and cultivated garden flowers creates the most wonderful tasting honey that is both delicate and deep with delicious flavours.

This two jar honey box contains:

  • One 8cm by 8cm (net weight 275g) jar of pure raw unheated honey
  • One 8cm by 8cm (net weight 230g) jar of creamed raw honey

Sweet Reviews!

Sweet as honey customer reviews!

41 reviews
Yummy in our tummy

We love the limited edition honey bbq sauce. It is the best bbq sauce we have tasted. (Hopefully it will be available again!!)

Thank you

Deborah and John were extremely helpful and patient. Transferring the nucleus was quick and easy. Thank you so much, I look forward to my next colony. 😄

The Best Honey Out There!

I have never tried anything similar and oh wow, it was amazing. Those ginger bits were to die for. Totally addicted!

Absolutely delicious

This honey has incredible flavour and texture, we love every single spoonful. It is very delicious and highly nutritious.

Perfect blend

Perfect blend of tangy, sweet and spicy. I love the little bit of heat that surprises you with this sauce but was worried my kids would think it was too hot - but my 12 and 3 year old had a huge serving of it with their dinner last night and loved it! My 3 year old was eating it plain off the fork. Absolutely delicious. My new favourite right alongside your sticky honey soy sauce . So glad I bought so many bottles but please make this a regular product!