Two Busy Bees Honey Bee School

Together we visit our hives once a fortnight for checking, collection of the capped frames and back to Two Busy Bees Honey HQ for harvesting the honey.

My Father is what they refer to as a Master Bee Keeper and passing on that knowledge through something we fondly refer to as Bee School. Twice a week novice bee keepers or anyone interested in the idea of keeping bees, comes to our apiary to learn new skills. We can equip you with everything you need to have the confidence to keep bees successfully and harvest your own delicious honey. We firmly believe that the more people that keep bees the better things will be for the environment and food production. 

Classes run every Saturday and Wednesday morning from 8:30am – 10:30am in Geebung, Brisbane, Queensland.

If you are interested in more details about Two Busy Bees Honey Bee School please feel free to message me

* Please note we are currently not accepting any new people to Bee School for the remainder of 2020. Please feel free to email me to enquire for our 2021 season.

Two Busy Bees Honey Bee School