Sunrise Bee Farm Tour Experience - 'Ask me about the Bees!'

$217.00 USD

Sunrise Bee Farm Tour

Please note: Sunrise Bee Farm Tours run from February 2022 through to October 2022 only, for your enjoyment. You can make your booking now and the price is for two people!

Bring your best friend, partner or loved one and create a very special shared memory for the two of you. I deliver this experience on our working honey farm (Geebung, Brisbane, QLD) and this is a true 'hands on' experience to share with you, everything about the bees, the process of being a beekeeper and how we produce some of our unique multi-floral honey products. As this is a small group experience (maximum four people) there could possible be two other bee enthusiasts on your tour with you. Everyone will be able enjoy maximum involvement in the tour and don't hold back with all your questions! You'll get a chance to harvest honeycomb frames from the hive and sample honey and honeycomb that has come straight from the beehive!

Check out all the great things you'll get to do here!

Once your exclusive experience is over we'll send you all off tired and happy with all your bee related questions answered. And a goody bag full of Two Busy Bees Honey treats!

Day and Time: The tours run early morning, please allow 2 hours for your special experience 

Location: Please arrive no later than 6:15am at Geebung, Brisbane, QLD (Address details given on payment)

What should I wear? We want you to be completely safe and comfortable during your special experience so please wear light clothing or shorts and a t-shirt. You will be completely covered in our special white ventilated beekeeping suits. Please make sure to wear socks with closed in shoes. 

What do I need to bring? All you need to bring is your sense of fun and adventure! Plus a large bottle of water (to keep hydrated) and your phone for taking lots of pictures!

Customer Reviews

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My dad and I did this tour with Deborah and it was an amazing experience. Deborah showcased her passion in this hands on tour, where you get right up close to the inner workings of a hive, experience the life of a beekeeper and take home some honey treats! Being immersed amongst the bees really is quite the experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much Deborah!


My husband and I had such a great time with Deborah learning all about these amazing creatures. Deborah is so kind and knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions. Eating honey straight from the comb was so delicious and thank you for the goodies. We highly recommend this tour and are grateful to Deborah for sharing her passion with us 💗

Bob & Nola Russell
Insight into the amazing bees

Thank you so much for this amazing experience Deborah!
So complicated yet simply wonderful how each hive is its own little world.
We as humans take so much for granted and yet we are so reliant on these hardworking beautiful little creatures!
The tour was so enlightening and now I can watch these beautiful little bees ,with a little knowledge of how hard they work on our ecosystem.
So Deborah thank you so much for your patience and skills during this unforgettable and highly recommendable hands on experience.
Also tastings and “goodies “ bag.

April Buchholz
The wonderful life of bees

We loved our Bee Farm Tour. Deborah was so informative and really helped us to understand and get a feel for the life and times of the bees and their hives. It was like entering another a world for a couple of hours. Thank you so much Deborah!

Gabrielle Crichton
Amazing exclusive bee farm tour!

Echoing all the other reviews - this is honestly an amazing experience! Deborah was a delight during the experience, sharing her knowledge and showing us the many different stages of each hive. She is so passionate about the bees and it honestly rubs off on you. You have time to just stand there and appreciate the glistening honey, listen to the meditative sound of buzzing bees, look at all the different colours of the bee's 'pollen pants' and just watching the bees going about their business when she lifts each frame. We could honestly watch them all day and the smell of the honey is to die for! If you have always wanted to try honey comb - this is the way to experience it!!
Highly recommend this experience - even more so if you are lucky enough to have the space to start your own! We rushed home to enjoy the goodies and to try the delightful creamed honey (it is fantastic by the way)! Thanks John & Deborah :) Review Medals Gold Transparent Shop medal Silver Monthly Record Shop medal Bronze Authentic Shop medal Top 10% Trending Shops medal