Honeycomb in pure honey jar

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Honeycomb with pure honey in a glass jar

Honeycomb in pure honey jar, one 8cm by 8cm (net weight 255g) jar of fresh honeycomb in raw natural honey as close to what nature intended as possible. A divine tasting honey produced by bees with varied and multiple pollen sources. Straight from the beehive to you, so you can enjoy a spoon full of pure sunshine every day.

‘Two Busy Bees Honey’ are lucky enough to have our beehives located in a unique pocket of rural farmland right in the heart of suburbia. This mixture of seasonal wild flowers, native Australian trees and cultivated garden flowers creates the most wonderful tasting honey that is both delicate and deep with delicious flavours.

Please note: As this is a completely natural and delicious product the honeycomb will go slightly cloudy and crystallise very quickly in the jar. This does not effect the wonderful taste in any way.

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Glenys Dowling
A Devine Treasure

It doesn't get more golden, than God's precious gift of honey and I always ensure I have plenty in stock !
I believe it to bee, the only food that can last forever and I love it for its unlimited tastes, nutritional benefits and medicinal value.
It's also beneficial to know that your honey is local, so a big thanks and blessings goes to you Deborah and your dad.

Thanks you Glenys, such a beautifully worded review.

Chris Gambier
Outstanding product

I love honey and have had all sorts and every type but i have never tasted honey to the quality of 2 busy bees. I ourchased the 3 pack a little while ago and will be my onky place for honey from now on. Support the little guys and buy from 2 busy bees !!!! You will not be disappointed.

Thank you so much Chris, that is very high praise and much appreciated!