Honey infused with Ginger Jar ~ Limited Edition

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Honey infused with Ginger in a glass jar

Special limited edition Honey infused with Vanilla will be available to order next year from 1st August to 31st August only! 

Honey infused with Ginger Jar, pure honey infused with Buderim Naked Ginger Pieces. Hand crafted with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or added colours. Each jar has pieces of ginger topped up with our unique multi-floral honey. The piquant mellowness and warmth of ginger infuses into the honey. Once you have consumed the honey you have a sweet ginger treat in the bottom to enjoy!

Honey is an excellent medium for transmitting the benefits of ginger to the body. Both ginger and honey have their own individual benefits and the combination of the two provides numerous health benefits and delicious spoonful of pure delicious goodness.

Buderim Naked Ginger® is made with 100% Australian ginger, takes on its famous golden hue after being infused in a cane sugar syrup for up to 12 days. Armed only with its velvety, zesty flavour, it is a taste sensation!

Honey infused with Ginger

    Customer Reviews

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    Bartolina Natoli
    I enjoy the taste if ginger honey in my tea great flavour

    Thank you deborah

    Eric Williams
    Ginger Honey, now that's a good idea

    Deliciously received by my mother overseas who is anxiously waiting for another jar for Christmas.
    A must for any Ginger and Honey Lover!!

    Anne Powell
    Very Sweet

    Ginger infused is lovely!
    Thank you

    Laura Gentle

    Purchased this as part of a Father’s Day gift. Very quick delivery and well packaged.

    Have received feedback that the honey is delicious!

    Great gift

    Bought this as part of my mum's Mother's day gift. Arrived promptly, pretty sure she'll love it. She loves ginger, & honey. As all my other items have been delicious, can't see this being different. She may have to fight Dad for it, & if I'm lucky, I might get to try it....