Creamed Honey Jar infused with Ginger ~ Limited Edition

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Creamed Honey Jar infused with Buderim Ginger

Special Limited Edition ~ Only available 1st May to the 31st May

Creamed Honey Jar infused with Ginger, all natural, handcrafted and small batch. Created with two styes of delicious natural honey. Two million florals go into every jar of honey. The bees in our apiary have naturally distilled their surrounding environment into a unique poly floral honey. This mixture of seasonal wild flowers, native Australian trees and cultivated garden flowers creates the most wonderful tasting creamed honey that is both delicate and deep with delicious flavours.

We start with a special reserve aged honey is set aside for at least a year to allow a unique deep flavour to develop naturally. Then we carefully combine this fragrant magical product with liquid honey then small pieces of piquant Buderim Ginger naked ginger are added gradually and its all whipped very slowly. Then it's poured into jars and set over time naturally. This slow long process creates the most unique product that is a delight for you to enjoy. A divinely delicious creamy and smooth pot set natural honey. The creamiest and most buttery texture the delicious and restorative properties of honey and ginger!

Creamed Honey infused with Ginger

Customer Reviews

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Helen West
Creamed Ginger Honey

Loved the refreshing taste of the Ginger honey, it was truely delightful, specially on Hot Crumpets

Ginger honey

I ate a teaspoon of the ginger honey straight from the jar, so as to experience the direct flavour. The infused combination of honey and ginger is a definite taste, yet still not taking the taste from each other. Without the chunks of ginger, confirms to me that it's equally distributed. Well done and thank you.

Janice Meredith

Love love ginger infused honey

Kirsten Muir
Divine and irresistable

I absolutely adore the creamed honey and have been buying it for a few years now. It is divine, so full of flavour and depth. The addtition of pieces of ginger was too much for me to resist! I love ginger and the combination with the honey is delightful. Sometimes the ginger sinks to the bottom a little, which means you get most of it towards the end of the jar, but I don't mind that as the creamed honey is so delicious in the meantime. Highly recommended.