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Pure Beeswax Black Dinner Candles - Set of Two

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Pure Beeswax Black Dinner Candles - Pure natural handcrafted and hand poured black beeswax candles - Set of two - Twenty hours burn time each (23cm tall)

Tall dramatic black beeswax candles that look beautiful on a sideboard, alter or table for a special event. Measuring: 23cm high - 2.3cm base tapering to 1.3cm and tip is 1cm with a width 1.3cm

Pure refined beeswax has a higher melt point than other waxes which results in a brighter flame (that doesn't smoke), longer burn time and warm amber glow. Our handcrafted solid black beeswax taper candles are unscented and have a warm clean honey aroma when burning. Fragranced naturally by honey and flower nectar. They also produce negative ions that actually clean the air and create a real sense of well being and contentment.