Nut Butter Blends

Please note: Unfortunately due to extreme weather conditions last year during the peanut harvest, the special Hi Oleic peanuts we use are out of stock till 2021.

Our unique peanut butter blend is small batch, hand crafted, all natural, preservative free, sugar free, palm oil free, additive free and colour free. We roast our special Queensland grown peanuts, in a unique long and slow - dry cooking process until they are golden brown. Then the golden roasted peanuts are milled in a small old fashioned specialty peanut butter mill. We add our Two Busy Bees polyflora honey and a little solar dried pristine sea salt and that's it! 

'Peanut Butter Loves Honey!' pouch pack - Golden Roasted Kingaroy Peanuts, Pure Multi-Floral Honey and Pristine Solar Dried Sea Salt

'Peanut Butter Loves Honey with Banana!' pouch pack - Golden Roasted Kingaroy Peanuts, Pure Multi-Floral Honey, Pristine Solar Dried Sea Salt and Freeze Dried Banana.

Sweet Reviews!

Sweet as honey customer reviews!

42 reviews

Honey from Busy Bees. is yummy and am enjoying it very much . Though would like to try there Peanut Buter😊😊❤️

Yummy in our tummy

We love the limited edition honey bbq sauce. It is the best bbq sauce we have tasted. (Hopefully it will be available again!!)

Thank you

Deborah and John were extremely helpful and patient. Transferring the nucleus was quick and easy. Thank you so much, I look forward to my next colony. 😄

The Best Honey Out There!

I have never tried anything similar and oh wow, it was amazing. Those ginger bits were to die for. Totally addicted!

Absolutely delicious

This honey has incredible flavour and texture, we love every single spoonful. It is very delicious and highly nutritious.