Limited Edition Products

January to March: Honey BBQ Sauce

Delicious Honey BBQ Sauce hand crafted with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or added colours. Pure honey blends deliciously with tomato, a little warm chilli, dark Bunderburg Molasses, spices and secret ingredients for a sweet, tangy, rich, flavourful BBQ sauce. Complex layers of flavours rolling around your tastebuds! Based on a traditional American Honey BBQ Sauce but with an Australian twist!

Go ahead and slather it on a rack of ribs or pour it as a dipping sauce for chicken at your next BBQ and family and guests alike will be so impressed! The name says it all with this award winning sauce. Thick and rich with plenty of real honey and natural sweetness. Great for grillin’, dippin’ and drinkin’ straight out of the bottle!


October to December: Gingerbread Peanut Butter

Gingerbread Peanut Butter - A natural peanut butter crafted with Hi Oleic Kingaroy Peanuts, golden roasted and ground smooth with a swirl of Buderim Ginger infused honey, real ginger pieces, sprinkle of cinnamon, grate of nutmeg and a dash of natural pristine solar dried sea salt. 

Hi Oleic Australian Peanuts 755g - 16cm high food grade plastic container (BPA Free). Delicious natural peanut butter, golden roasted and freshly ground by an old fashioned peanut mill into a delectable smooth consistency. 100% natural plant protein, gluten free, no refined sugar, no preservatives, no additives, no added colour, just a delicious spread full of healthy nut protein, Christmas spice and a zing of ginger!