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Honey Sets

‘Two Busy Bees Honey’ sets are perfect for anyone who loves pure raw Australian honey and the goodness of real delicious natural ingredients.

Here at ‘Two Busy Bees Honey’ we pride ourselves on producing a delicious natural flavorful product as close to what nature intended as possible. We have cultivated a multi - floral style of raw honey, educating people on the divine taste of a honey produced by bees with varied and multiple food sources.

A beautiful by product of harvesting our honey is beeswax which we filter many times to create a clean, natural and perfect product with our beeswax candles. Also in store we now have beautiful seed paper greeting cards from Greenery Lane.

All our delicious spreads and dressings in our honey hampers begin with our delicious cold filtered raw honey and are handcrafted using all natural ingredients. Our gourmet honey range includes raw honey, honeycomb in raw honey, creamed raw honeyhoney chocolate nut butter, honey chilli soy dressing, harissa honey hot sauce and dijon honey mustard dressing