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Flavour Fusion Packs

Honey Floral Flavour Fusion™- 100% single source cold filtered honey

Honey Peanut Flavour Fusion™ - Pure Honey combined with golden roasted Hi Oleic Peanuts

Honey Berry Flavour Fusion™ - Pure Honey combined and infused with Freeze Dried Red Berries

Honey Macadamia Flavour Fusion™ - Pure Honey combined with golden roasted Macadamia nuts

  • Handcrafted by organic minded beekeepers

  • Cold-filtered single source pure honey

  • Portable and on the go - good food energy

  • Stand up pouch pack and resealable

  • Manufactured by a small family business

  • Local Queensland ingredients

  • 100% all natural flavourful ingredients

  • Super nutritious snack and spread

  • Preservative free and a long shelf life 

  • Packed full of healthy plant protein

  • Sustainably produced - simple and sweet

  • Carefully prepared not processed