Natural Pure Honey Squeeze Bottles - Set of two

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Natural Pure Honey Squeeze Bottles - Set of Two - 570g each 

The easy way no mess way to enjoy honey with a upside down squeeze bottle, to get every last drop of our delicious raw honey! Here at ‘Two Busy Bees Honey’ we pride ourselves on producing a delicious natural flavourful product as close to what nature intended as possible. We have cultivated a multi - floral style of raw honey, a divine tasting honey produced by bees with varied and multiple pollen sources. Straight from the beehive to you, so you can enjoy a spoon full of pure sunshine every day. 

This Natural Pure Honey Squeeze Bottles box contains:

  • 2x 15cm by 8cm (570g each) squeeze bottles of pure raw unheated honey
  • A food gift - just for you to enjoy!

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