Buzz out Bare - Face Soap Bar

Coming Soon! Buzz out Bare - Face Soap Bar

Feed your skin! Two Busy Bees Honey superfood skincare range. Boost your glow for a brighter and more radiant skin. Cleanse and moisturise at the same time!

Free from chemicals, colour, additives and perfumes!

Moisture rich facial cleanser beauty bar with Pure Honey and Sea Berry (Sea Buckthorn) Oil

Crafted by hand in order to retain the full benefits of all the natural ingredients: Water Distilled, Vegetable Glycerin (non-palm and derived from plant sources), Sodium Laurate (derived from plant sources), Sodium Stearate (derived from plant sources), Sodium Olivate, Coco Glucoside (derived from coconuts), Sucrose (derived from plant sources), Propanediol 1.3 (from corn starch), Sodium Citrate (derived from plant sources), naturally coloured by natural carotene in Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Fresh Pure Honey and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil Review Medals Gold Transparent Shop medal Silver Monthly Record Shop medal Bronze Authentic Shop medal Top 5% Trending Shops medal